Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday was my wife Maggie’s 32 birthday! I wanted to post something about on her actual birthday but just ran out of time. So, today, I’m posting to talk about the most amazing woman in my life! I only worked half a day yesterday and we went to OKC for the day and she got to eat at one of her favorite restaurants, Ted’s and then I “corralled” the kids for a few hours while she shopped at the mall and a few other stores. We then came home and had a Cookie Cake from Mrs. Field’s and opened a few presents. She deserved so much more than I gave her.

Nearly 14 years ago (when we first met in June of 1994) I could never imagine what meaning the date April 21 would mean for me. I can’t imagine how happy her parents where on the day she was born. And I still can’t believe we have been so happily married for almost 11 years.

Maggie is truly my best friend. I told her the other day that in all sincerity, if I had only one day to do anything with one person, I know without a doubt I would want to spend that day with her! We enjoy doing everything in life together. I can’t imagine a better life long partner and wife. She makes me and everyone else around her a better person. How she does the things she does and keeps both herself, the kids and me sane is a “miracle.”

She has given me three of the most beautiful children in the world. She is such a wonderful woman of faith, wife, mother, friend, and preacher’s wife. She helps me and works right beside my hand in hand in all my work and ministry at church. I can't imagine being a minister without her by my side.

I am so looking forward to the next 32 years with her!

Happy Birthday sweetheart, thank you for being you! I praise God for Him bringing you in my life. I hope this day was special for you and that you know how much I love and adore you!!

Your admiring husband,

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