Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Keep Your Signal Strong!

There is nothing more frustrating that dropping an important cell phone call. Debate rages over which cell phone company offers the strongest and most reliable signal. Our relationship to God might be compared to a cell phone conversation with the Almighty. We are able to hear God speak to us through is word (cf. Heb. 1:1-2, 4:12). We are able to speak with God through prayer (cf. Phil. 4:6). As we consistently listen to God speak to us through His Word and we speak to Him through prayer, our cell signal to heaven remains at full strength. When the days come that we get out of the habit of daily Bible reading and prayer, the signal begins to weaken. Keeping our spiritual signal with the tower in heaven strong is essential to spiritual health. This is a modern way of explaining what the Bible calls "walking in the light" (see 1 John 1). We must continue walking in the light; we must keep the cell signal with God strong. Our conversation with God is one call that we do not want to drop.

God Bless,


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