Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Penn Says: A Gift of a Bible

Penn Jillette is the “talkative” half of Penn and Teller, the Las Vegas comedy-illusion team, now with their own program on Showtime. Penn has been an outspoken atheist. But he posted a video blog on his personal website about a man who gave him a Bible, which has much, I believe, to teach Christians:

This video shows how crucial that it is that all true Christians be involved in evangelism. This statement comes from a self-professed atheist. However, even he was moved by the genuineness and sincerity of a man who tried to share his faith by giving him a Bible. We can have an impact if we are courageous enough to be authentic, compassionate disciples of Christ. The man (an atheist) in this video makes a great point. He says that if you really believe that there is a heaven and a hell and you don't try and share your faith with everyone you meet, you are among the most cruel people on the planet. Something to think about. Watch the video below and prepare to be challenged.

God bless,

Robert Prater

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