Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Daddy's B-Day Princess!!

Today my precious daughter Mackenzie turned 6 years old.
I can still remember the day she was born, as though it were yesterday. Sigh! She is sooooo beyond words excited to be 6 … because 6 means she’s officially a big girl (according to her). It’s major … I agree!

She is such a remarkable little person. Witty, kind, smart, but ornery, bold, my little Taylor Swift diva, creative — it is a privilege to be her parent.

She has certainly brought out the best, and the worst, of us both. For that, I thank you.

Here’s my promise that I will keep to you
: to do my best to model the love and example of Christ in my life, to teach and encourage you in God's Word, to love His church, to fit you with all the skills and knowledge that you will need to make a good, fulfilling life for yourself, filled with love and adventure and, when it's time, to have the courage and wisdom to let you go!

Happy Birthday To My Little Princess

Happy birthday hugs and kisses

Little Princess girl of mine

Little toy ponies, Barbies and books

Sweet innocent looks

You’re still sweeter than honey

Still more precious than gold

I forget to tell you often enough

Just how you’re so special

So loving and so very smart!

Happy birthday my little princess

You still rule my heart!

Happy Birthday my “Sissy", "Sweetpea!" Have a great, great day!


Daddy, (and Mommy too)

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