Friday, June 11, 2010

Burnt Cabin Camp

Tommorrow I make my yearly trip to Tahlequah, OK to spend an awesome week at Burnt Cabin Christian Camp. I have been connected with this camp as both as camper, counselor and in recent years as the director since 1986! It's a very, very special place to me. I meant my wife Maggie there.

This year is shaping up to be incredible! We should have around 130 campers!! Please keep me and all counselors and staff and campers in your prayers throughout the week for our safety. But most importantly, that all the kids will have a wonderful time and connect with God their Creator in the days of their youth. (cf. Eccl. 12:1). This is the reason we have planned this camp. So that our youth will grow in their faith in Christ and make life long Christian friendships.

Below is this year's camp theme!

Robert Prater

Have you noticed that some of the most popular shows on television are investigative detective programs? One current popular show is CSI which stands for “crime scene investigation.” It’s a television series about an elite team of forensic specialists who investigate criminal cases in the cities of New York, Las Vegas, and Miami.

It was a “Crime Scene Investigation” like no other. A man tortured, beaten, and killed. While he was popular with the people, many wanted him dead. After a mock trial the powerful and influential had their way. He was given a hasty burial, but the body has disappeared. Was there a clue left behind? Were there witnesses to what happened? Were the charges justified? Rumors fly and each side stands by their story. Was the body stolen? By whom and why? Did it just vanish? How will this first century mystery be solved?

In this study you are invited to become part of the CSI: Jerusalem crew. Your mission is to investigate the scene at Jeru¬salem and examine the circumstances and reasons behind the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago. Most importantly, you’ll be challenged to not only believe in Jesus but to allow Him to transform your lives through His forgiveness and love. Do you have the courage to join the team and then commit to what you find out?

Your CSI Lead Investigator (Director),
Rob Prater

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