Thursday, July 15, 2010

Those who Honor Me

The movie Chariots of Fire was about a young man from Scotland who ran in the 1924 Olympics in Paris. After qualifying as the United Kingdom's representative for the 100-meter dash, he found out that this race was to be run on Sunday. As a devout Christian, he refused to run on the Lord's Day. He wanted his victory to be for the glory of God. Since he was the fastest runner in the world at that time, he would have won the Gold Medal. Great pressure was put upon him to run on Sunday, but he refused.

Another young man from the United Kingdom was to run a 400-meter race on another day. He had already won a Gold Medal, so he offered his spot in this race to Eric Liddell. Eric accepted, ran the 400-meter, and won the Gold Medal.

Before the race, a young Christian from America handed Eric a note. On it was scribbled, "Those who honor Me I will honor, and those who despise Me shall be lightly esteemed." (1 Sam. 2:30)

In 1981, Chariots of Fire won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It's a great wonderful movie the whole family can enjoy. One with a powerful and inspiring message. The story of Eric Liddell was told all over the world. He was honored for his commitment to God.

May God give us all the strength and courage to honor God by refusing to compromise our commitment to Him.

Robert Prater

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