Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great VBS Materials by Church of Christ Ministers

I want to encourage you to check out this VBS promo video posted below on YouTube by Tyrel Hatfield. Check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQPX_JMpg-M

Tyrel is the youth and children’s minister for the South College Church of Christ in Tahlequah. He and his brother Justin (who is the Family Minister for the Blue Starr Church of Christ in Claremore) co-founded Little Acorn, LLC, in 2004 and together have co-authored four highly successful Vacation Bible School curricula. They also have some other stuff too like these two family devotional books above

Anyway, they have just finished putting together their fourth VBS program, Righteous Roundup. To go along with this VBS theme, they have put together 4 short films as a promo to advertise each day's theme. The link above is to the video above is from Day two's, "Bearing Good Fruit", starring Danny-Right & Dastardly Phil. I like you’ll like it! I’d recommend showing this video to your kids and seeing their reaction.

To be real honest, we don’t have many Church of Christ based companies out there putting out great quality and uniquely original VBS material. Many of our brotherhood companies who publish VBS materials like Gospel Advocate, Twenty-First Century, etc. are fine material but they typically follow most of the denominational based publishing companies and VBS materials. So I think what Tyrel and his brother Justin Hatfield are doing is much more creative and “thinking outside the box” so to speak.

Check out their website at: www.littleacornkids.net

So I want to recommend as highly as I possibly can their website and looking at their VBS material. I have personally used some of their material and curriculum in some of the VBS’s I have directed. It was incredibly well received. Tyrel graduated from Oklahoma Christian University with a degree in advertising and a minor in broadcasting. Justin earned a B.A. degree in Bible and a minor in mass communications from Oklahoma Christian as well. So they both have spent several years working in ad design and they know what looks good and know how to make it happen. Their material is very affordable on the church budget, fresh and fun but most importantly is Bible based and scripturally sound. Again, I recommend you looking at their website and VBS materials for consideration of use. It will if anything, give you some great ideas in regard to your congregation’s own VBS.

On a more personal note, I have known Tyrel and his good family since my days when Maggie and I attended college at Northeastern State University and my work there with the South College church. Tyrel’s background is in advertising and graphic designs and he made a good living for a few years doing this. However, he gave up his secular job, and began working and putting all his effort and energy into full time kingdom work. And the church has been so blessed ever since. He is an outstanding Christian man and is I believe, along with his brother Justin, they are some of the most talented and creative youth/family ministers in the brotherhood today.

For Christ and the church,
Robert Prater

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