Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Searching For Truth DVD

I wanted to share with you an exciting evangelistic tool that we have just begun implementing and using here at Central. We have been currently showing a great series of lessons on DVD entitled, “Searching for Truth” on Sunday and Wednesday evenings here at Central. We are purchasing hundreds of copies of these DVD’s and every family here at Central will be given a free copy. We will also have plenty of “extra copies” available for members to use and give to others who are interested in viewing them and studying the Bible.

While there are a few things that I may have worded differently in presenting the gospel, overall I believe that many churches and Christians will find this material very useful in teaching others.

Searching For Truth has the potential of becoming for the church of today what he Jule Miller filmstrips were for the church a generation ago. The series is true to the Gospel, and covers all the foundation principles to convert the lost. It is taught by John Moore, evangelist with the Dripping Springs church in Texas, and produced by World Video Bible School in Maxwell, Texas.

The program, available on a single DVD with approximately 4 hours of teaching material, is made up of 6 lessons including:

Introduction- About the Truth
About the Creator
About Authority
About the Church
About the House of God
About Baptism

This Introduction lesson shown in the above video and its accompanying lessons can be viewed in their entirety at: searchingfortruth.org

I have found this DVD series to be top quality, from packaging to content. For churches the cost is only $1.00 each plus shipping and handling with a minimum order of 20 DVDs. For information on how to order, again visit their website: wvbs.org

There are many churches that talk about the “need” to be engaged in evangelism, but do not provide consistent training or resources for their members to be effective in personal outreach. Here at Central we are soon going to be unveiling an extensive evangelism plan for every member to be involved and equipped in some way in the area of outreach and evangelism. This will include friendship evangelism, conversation evangelism, servant evangelism, small groups, and special “hands on” evangelism classes, to just name a few.

Does anyone know of similar materials for personal evangelism available on DVD?

For Christ,
Robert Prater


Anonymous said...

Visit www.soulwinnersupplies.com to see more tools and materials for evangelism. I recommend the DVD titled "What if the Lord were to come right now" produced by We Care Ministries.

preacherman said...

Thank you anonymous for the info.

God bless,

Robert Prater