Thursday, May 22, 2008

Cinderella - Steven Curtis Chapman

Many of you know who musician Steven Curtis Chapman is because he has been one of the more recognizable names in the Christian music industry for almost two decades. Steven and his wife have three children and have adopted three children from China because they really have a passion for helping kids.

Yesterday news broke about a terrible tragedy striking their family when their teenage son backed out of the driveway of their house while the family was playing outside and didn't see his 5 year old sister. Sadly, he backed over his little sister they had adopted from China and she was killed.

As I'm sure you can imagine the family is devastated and in need of a lot of prayer. Events like this really make us once again face the fact we aren't promised another minute and to treasure this life God has given us and live it for Him.

Chapman had said about his song “Cinderella”, “This song was inspired by my two youngest girls. One night I was giving them a bath and trying to get them in bed. I was hurrying and became frustrated. After I got the girls in bed, God convicted me not to miss these moments because kids grow up so quickly. The song is called ‘Cinderella.’

So news of this tragedy was a powerful reminder to me as a parent to find the wisdom in his song “Cinderella.” Listen and watch it by playing the above video. Now is the time to practice the dancin’ — while she’s still in my arms.

I especially think about my middle daughter, Mackenzie who is 4 and has lately really being "pushing" and testing me and my wife’s patience and nerves. Yet, she is truly our little “Cinderella” in the house – she loves the princess characters from all the Disney movies and sings them with all our precious heart. God help me to be more patient, understanding, tolerant and loving toward her. She brings us so much joy and happiness to our lives. I need to take the time and stop and see it more in her little life. Daddy loves you so very much Mackenzie.

Also, another note of tragedy, I read today China is saying there are over 4,000 new orphans because of the earth quake. So many children without parents in a country that is so far from God.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and keep you all in this lost and fallen world

Robert Prater

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