Thursday, June 19, 2008


Last week was Central’s session at Burnt Cabin Christian Camp. It was a tremendous success this year. We had 156 campers and a staff of 34 join us for a fun and spiritually-uplifting week of camp. I made many wonderful new friends. Christians I didn’t know, now I love. Counselors who were genuine, caring, and real. We shared the sunrise, the games, and classes; singing praises to Him never felt so sweet. This truly was a life-changing week at Lake Tenkiller. Beginning with a tremendous staff, including many first year ones and several zealous college students. Youth Groups from places like Central and Northridge in Shawnee, Choctaw, Tenth & Rockford & Crosstown in Tulsa, Cleveland, Clinton, AR, Bixby, Perkins, and even some from Texas!!

As always our Bible classes served as the bedrock of our camp along with devotionals and worship periods (we heard some great classes and lessons straight from the heart and Truth from the Word), Bible Bowl, memory verses, etc. helped everyone focus on iGod – the need to be connected with God. Plus canteen, sports, and great fun entertainment (Secret Talents of the Counselors, Unbound and Skit Night). And did I mention the inspiring singing. There were plenty of timely hugs of encouragement, and Christian role models draw out the best as Satan is turned away.

I am constantly amazed at the impact camp can and does have in the lives of so many. Does it cost a lot of money to put on a camp? Yes! Does it take a lot of man hours from many volunteers to maintain and conduct the camp? Yes! Is it all worth it? That can be easily answered by asking, “What are the souls of our young people worth?”

Now camps like this do not just happen. A lot of people invested time, energy, and effort to make this week a reality. I am especially grateful to all those from Central who helped so much to make this week a great success. I thank God for your service in this effort.

Once again this year, our own Nathan Kelly put together a terrific camp slideshow. Graet job Nat! I hope to be able to post this slideshow on this blog or some other website and many other camp photos online. Keep checking back for updates.

Here are a few pictures in the meantime.

God bless,
Rob Prater

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