Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama and Abortion

After over 30 years of legalized abortion in America, it has not become safe or rare – two of the hopes held out by its proponents. Indeed, in the generation since Roe vs. Wade abortion increasingly is viewed as just another form of birth control. Truly the most dangerous place in America is in the womb. And the church knows it.

“The church must speak out with a stronger and unified voice on this horror. Let’s put aside differences and come together to help formation of consciences that will see abortion for what it is; killing of the unborn….the weakest and least among us. Truly then abortion is a curse on our land, and as believers we need to stand as adamant against abortion as the abolitionist stood against slavery. It should be more than a political subject or a coffee time discussion. We need to be more active in our antagonism of this murdering of the unborn.” (Jim B. Hawthorn)

This is a moment we may look back on for the rest of our lives, a moment to make a difference in our nation's direction.

May God give us the strength and courage to do so.

Rob Prater

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