Monday, September 29, 2008


The above trailer is for the new movie Fireproof which was the big surprise hit at the box office this weekend with its incredible strong 4th place opening gross of 6.5 M. despite only appearing in 839 screens and costing just $500K.

The movie is the latest from Sherwood Pictures, a nonprofit ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia, that previously put out the popular Facing the Giants and the lesser-known Flywheel. The PG film stars the grown-up star of TV’s Growing Pains, Kirk Cameron (now evangelical ministry and actor) and is about a firefighter and his efforts to save his crumbling marriage. I absolutely love the tagline: “Never leave your partner behind.”

Michael Catt, of Sherwood Pictures said, “Most movies are about relationships that lead to marriage, but 'Fireproof' picks up seven years into a marriage headed for divorce. And the question is: Can a cold marriage revive? Why stay together?"

Yes it's no secret that U.S. marriages are in crisis. The U.S. Census Bureau and marriage organizations vary on the stats but agree that nearly half of all weddings lead to divorce—with rates highest in the Bible belt. Some 25 percent of U.S. adults divorce at least once; and given the abundance of poor marriages, many couples skip it outright.

Lord willing, we are planning for several couples from Central to go sometime in the next week or so to see the movie. I do believe that these kinds of movies are worth supporting. I look forward to seeing it with my wife Maggie and other Christian couples.

For Christ,


Lee Keele said...

Hey Rob, nice to see your post on my blog today. Good to hear from you. I do plan to be at the Tulsa Workshop in the spring. Maybe we can get together and catch up.

Things are going well with the family. We just brought our fourth kid into the world - Savannah Kay born last Thursday at 10:30 a.m. She's a beautiful blessing.

Take care, bro!

Anonymous said...

Lee, I'll look forward to seeing you again next spring. Hopefully we'll have more time than last year to visit.
Take care,