Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pickin Palin

Warning: This is a political posting! I don’t know about you, but for a Vice Presidential candidate, I’ve been pretty impressed by Sarah Palin, especially how she and her family have held themselves together after over a week of blatant left-wing media lies, gossip, and attacks!! Yes, she still has a little ways to go in proving herself, but so far, I’ve been impressed! Now, what’s funny about her is that if you'll go to this website you can read an excellent article about Palin (, it has the following logo at the bottom: Now that is exactly what my wife Maggie, told me the other night with a smile!! I’m wondering if there will be many more American women (and men) out there feeling and doing the same!

Here are just some things I have noted about her.

1: She speaks for small town America- that elitist’s like to attack (and even Obama has done during the primaries).

2. She appeals to conservative voters- seems to have real conservative Christian values and beliefs and she most certainly set the example regarding her views on abortion.

3. She is someone who is a smart debater and is not intimidated by the media or male politicians.

4. She is someone who actually had a real job before she went into politics.

5. She is someone who got there without the vast political machines.

6. She is someone who has never been connected with crazed racist preachers, terrorists turned university lecturers, corrupt convicted slum lords, or looney fringe groups.

7. She is a smart, articulate, honest, good living politician who happens to be a woman.

8. She is someone who is not tied to big city media elites, celebrity culture, Hollywood stars. In other words somebody with whom we can identify.

9. People see a politician who is NOT afraid to take on her own party to break the old boy network and expose corruption.

10. She is someone who has more experience in actual government from running a small town (great grass roots training) to governor of a state which is MORE experience than Barack Obama has had.

11. She appeals to blue collar voters who see a family who has got somewhere through hard work by both parents.

12. I think we as taxpayers see a politician who returned state money to the tax payer instead of spending it on grandiose projects.

13. She is a governor of an energy rich state with a realistic view about drilling oil and will provide real leadership to our energy crisis.

14. She is a working Moms with kids, working Mom with a handicapped kid. A working mom with a husband who has done physical labor for a living.

Bottom line for me, I’m voting for McCain/Palin because I think they are best for this country out of the two tickets and yes, my concerns are also rightly summed up below as seen on this bumper sticker: Smile now!!

Kind of scary and makes you wonder if it’s prophetic!!!

Seriously, regardless of who you actually vote for, and regardless of who wins, no one man (or woman) can bring about the change this country so badly needs! Until the kingdom of God is the rule of Jesus as Lord in the hearts and the lives of men and women (Col. 3:15; Eph. 3:17), things won’t ultimately change for the good. I just wish all Christians had the same level of energy, excitement and enthusiasm for teaching and sharing the good news of Jesus as they do talking and debating politics.

We should understand that as Christians our greatest impact, influence in this life, is as a citizen of God’s kingdom! And whoever becomes President, will need our prayers because the Bible tells us that this world is not our home and the kingdom (i.e., nation) that is our chief concern is heaven and so we want to pray for our country’s leaders so that they may lead us toward peace and righteousness. (1 Peter 2:1-2) In the meantime, we can have a little fun and healthy debate about who might do this the best for our nation!

May God bless us all richly in Christ,


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